We provide comprehensive emergency medical services 24 X 7. Equipped with state of the art emergency equipment and staffed by specialist team, they provide all lifesaving procedures including resuscitation, airway protection, vascular support, cardiac support, and multidisciplinary support in case of accidents, falls and assaults. The Emergency Department (ED) has 5 Emergency Beds with central oxygen and suction supply & resuscitation area available with round the clock emergency services with separate minor OT. The hospital has 24X7 ambulance services with complete setup, all supportive medicines with highly qualified medical staff.


The out patient department ensures highest levels of medical care and treatment to patients at low cost and in minimum time. Tests and therapies are performed using latest tools and machineries under the observation of a specialized team.

ANESTHESIA & CRITICAL CARE – We manage critically ill patients and anesthetic management of complex surgeries. It is a team of qualified and experienced specialists working together with the same motto and uniform approach.

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY– We offer expert Gynecological treatment and specialist services for special disease groups. Women in different age groups have different health concerns, which are appropriately addressed. We provide comprehensive treatment of fibroid disease, including open myomectomies for fibroids unsuitable for endoscopic (keyhole) surgery. We also offer surgical treatment for gynecological cancer. We have urogynecology and pelvic floor treatment for women with incontinence, bladder problems including recurrent UTI, bladder pain and voiding difficulties. For those with pelvic floor problems such as recurrent or complex pelvic organ prolapse, we provide multi-disciplinary medical care.

DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRIC – Through excellence, innovation and collaboration, we will improve the health of all children and adolescents and reduce inequities by educating the pediatric and physician leaders of the future, advancing research, advocating for children and providing the nation’s best primary and specialty pediatric clinical care.

DEPARTMENT OF NEURO SCIENCES– Our medical professionals are equipped to handle the different disorders; the department of Neuro Sciences is a super-specialtysetup concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nerves. The neurosciences team is committed to provide highest standards of surgical & non-medical treatment based on best scientific knowledge with human touch. The team comprises of Competent Neurologists, Neuro-surgeons, Neuro-interventionists, Psychologist, Neuro-Nursesand Rehabilitation experts working in tandem to deliver world class healthcare.

NEPHROLOGY AND UROLOGY– Includes some of the most eminent specialists in kidney disease. These specialists treat patients with rare disorders as well as common diseases, and provide the ideal environment for patients to receive the most advanced and innovative treatment for kidney disorders. The department of Urology is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical and surgical care.

GENERAL SURGERY & MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY – We have pioneered Minimal Access surgical techniques, like Laparoscopy and Endoscopy, which facilitate faster recovery, have fewer complications and need less post-surgical follow-up. We carry out advanced Laparoscopic, Biliary/Pancreatic, and Colorectal Oncologic. We also perform open surgical procedures wherever indicated.

INTERNAL MEDICINE – We provides in and outpatient diagnostic services and treatment for patients with nonspecific symptoms, complex disease patterns, and multiple diseases. The staff in this department is nationally and internationally renowned for its outstanding patient care. Our expertise in internal medicine helps us in caring for patients with various diseases by providing complete all-round care. From diagnosis, prevention, treatment, surgical care to cardiac rehabilitation and wellness services, we look after your health A to Z.

RHEUMATOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY – We offer comprehensive consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with illnesses that affect the bones, joints and the immune system. The latest technology is used to provide state-of-the-artcare in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. Our specialists have expertise in a range of health conditions including but not limited to: frozen shoulder; osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; osteoporosis; gout; auto immune or connective tissue diseases; metabolic bone disorders; systemic vasculitis; immunodeficiency; Hereditary collagen disorders; and nerve related problems (neuropathy) due to rheumatological causes.

ENDOCRINOLOGY – We provides a comprehensive assessment of endocrine disorders including Thyroid disorders, Parathyroid disorders, Adrenal disorders, Polycystic ovaries and menstrual irregularity, Lipid disorders, Obesity and metabolic syndrome, Resistant Hypertension, to name a few.

RESPIRATORY CARE MEDICINE – We provides comprehensive consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with illnesses that affect the lungs and breathing. The latest technology is used to provide state-of-the-art care in both the outpatient and inpatient settings, including the intensive care units. Our specialists have acknowledged expertise in a range of respiratory conditions including but not limited to: chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs) including asthma; interstitial lung diseases; pulmonary vascular disease; Bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis; occupational lung diseases; breathing related sleep disorders; acute and chronic respiratory failure; and various lung or respiratory infections.

OPHTHALMOLOGY– Leading eye surgeons & highly sophisticated technology like C3R Therapy works towards providing patients with cost effective eye care. We have exclusive Low Vision Rehabilitation Programme designed to facilitate an optimum level of wellness for patients with the best eye surgeons, the latest and highly sophisticated medical equipment and facilities.

ENT – A full-fledged Centre, ready to meet the health care needs associated with Ear, Nose and Throat. Our aim is to make available best ENT care which is accessible and affordable. We provide the best treatment for ear, nose & throat diseases & disorders; the comprehensive treatment vertical covers advanced diagnosis & patient centric ENT care.

DENTISTRY– We believe in providing excellent quality dental services with the help of our dental experts, our finest technology & equipment, our nurses and non-medicalsupport staff. The Aesthetic & Lingual Orthodontic Clinic, The Pediatric Dental Clinic & Dental Sleep Medicine and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Clinic are our proud endeavors to provide world-class dental care to our patients.

RECONSTRUCTIVE & AESTHETIC SURGERY –Our Hospital is dedicated to specific areas of focus giving us expertise and width in all areas of plastic surgery i.e. Aesthetic/Cosmetic surgery, Cleft and Craniofacial maxillary surgery, Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, Bronchial Plexus and Peripheral nerve surgery, Breast Reconstruction and Lower limb reconstruction etc. We are committed to excellence in patient care and inter disciplinary research that brings current medical development into clinical practice. Our highly qualified and experienced staff understands specific needs and concerns of plastic surgery patients and delivers excellent service with compassion and care.

PATHOLOGY – An accredited pathological laboratory providing diagnostic, clinical testing, and research services in Ghaziabad; our mission is to give cost effective and accurate diagnostic services without compromising on quality. Our path lab is committed to good professional practices and quality in its testing services in accordance with applicable national and international norms; path Lab range of services includes diagnostic testing services, home collection services, preventive care services, and pathology testing services.

RADIOLOGY – Our Hospital Hospital has a tie-up with SBR Diagnostic Centre which is committed to ensure high end technology in diagnostics like Digital X-Ray, High Intensity Focused (Ultrasound), Multi – Slices High Resolution 3D CT scan with the help of special software, Open MRI with Permanent Magnet & Bone Densitometry, Barium Swallow, Barium Meal, Barium Meal- Follow-through, Barium Enema and small Bowel enema, Mammography, OPG and Dexa Scan and PFT. Radiologist direct an array of imaging technologies including ultrasound with 3D, 4D Echo, computed tomography Scan (CT Scan) with Multi slice with 3D recon, Angiography, Venography/ Pressure Injector, Magnetic resonance imaging (Open MRI) with permanent magnet to diagnose disease with high definition image quality. Interventional radiology is the performance of (usually minimally invasive) medical procedures with the guidance or imaging technologies.


A well-equipped pharmacy is available in the premises of Our Hospital Hospital to bring convenience and comfort to users. The pharmacy has medicines and drugs to cover varied needs of patients. Generic and genuine drugs are sold, and no substitutions are sold. Best of ethical practices are a norm at us. From price to authenticity – our pharmacy meets all the laid our norms by the medical industry.